Monday, 25 September 2017

30/336 Destiny 2 (Bungie) Completed?

I keep thinking about that time I said I will never play Destiny ever again after completing it. How it was just this poor man's copy of Borderlands and it didn't have any legs to stand on. Three years later and I played Destiny up until Destiny 2 dropped, I played Destiny for as long as the game was relevant. There will be no bold claims of never player Destiny 2 ever again. No wild claims of it being a poor rendition of a superior game. I will continue to play Destiny 2 for a long time, I know I will.

I can't really say much about Destiny 2. It all feels so new and it keeps going and it is an MMO. I could come back to this later on but I am not making any promises. I will continue to play Destiny 2 and if I have any thoughts later on down the line I will do a Let's Talk About...

Not much to say right now... Sorry people.

Monday, 18 September 2017

29/335 Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (Capcom) Completed

Frank West is in a bad place. After selling his story of the Willamette Incident and becoming a world-famous author he got caught up in a scandal. Down on his luck and missing his 15 minutes of fame he needs a chance to get back into the people's good books, he needs to be the hero of a new story. But Frank being Frank means that he is highjacking Chuck Greens tale and retelling it in his own way. Frank West is going to Fortune City to find his success in Terror is Reality! Except naturally, everything goes wrong and once again he is wrapped up in a conspiracy involving even more zombies.

If you are unfamiliar with the Dead Rising series of games they are a semi-open world beat-em-up in a very loose sense. On a basic level, they are one man against a whole horde of zombies and some people who have lost their shit because of said zombies. You will be spending most of your time saving people, killing zombies and psychos, and watching the panic-inducing clock tick down. While most people groaned at the clock in the first Dead Rising (myself included) it has now become a staple for the series to drive stress and panic. You see Dead Rising works over the course of three sped up days. Within those days you have a very limited amount of time to figure out who let the zombies escape and started this whole incident. The clock is probably the games strongest tool in its very bloated arsenal as it has the player constantly watching and planning the best route to people, places and weapons.

If the player really wanted they could just follow the story missions and finish the game but Dead Rising has a whole host side quests to deal with. As you are exploring Fortune City you will come across people in need of saving. You can completely ignore them and just get on with the main mission but if you save them they come with rewards and the satisfaction that you did a good thing. These side missions are the reason you will fail the main story, they are so tightly packed into that ticking clock that deviating from the path and trying to save everyone is not only a great achievement it will make you lose all your hair. Completing some side missions will have you going down to the wire to get to the next story mission.

However, if you really do want to ignore all the side missions and focus entirely on the main story you will not be bored. While the main story is the usual "Bad guy did a thing, go kill the bad guy" it is the setting of Fortune City that shines brightest. A huge playground of toys, weapons and clothing for you to use to defeat the zombie hordes. From the usual zombie slaying devices such as the humble baseballs bat to the more ridiculous such as a dildo, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to how you want to dispatch of the next zombie.

Dead Rising 2 also introduced the maintenance rooms. These wonderful workshops allow you to mix two certain items together to make a single more powerful item. As an example, you can take the wooden baseball bat and combine it with a box of nails to make the spiked baseball bat. That is just one of many examples of brutal zombie slaying devices. Eventually, you will find combinations that allow you to shoot lasers, a helicopter with knifes for blades and my personal favourite the laser sword. It is just another name for a lightsaber but damn does it do some damage.

You may have noticed that I haven't really focused in on what makes Off the Record different to the original Dead Rising 2. That is because honestly, it is not all that different. Co-Op multiplayer is there, some new combination items and the story is somewhat different but all in all, it is the same game. The setting is the same, story is the same but with a slightly crazy ending and a large majority of the missions are exactly the same. The only real key difference is the ending and you getting to play as Frank West.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is a great game but not all that different from the original Dead Rising 2. You could honestly get either and be very satisfied with the ensuing chaos that is the Dead Rising games. If it is on sale I would say get it and just turn off your mind. It won't change your life but Dead Rising will surely entertain you for a while. Just kind of ignore all the cringy misogyny that Frank West likes to throw around and the developers revel in like a trashy 1960s movie... Although the game does pay a lot of homage to old zombie movies so maybe it is all meant to be tongue in cheek... Anywho, play the game and laugh.

Monday, 4 September 2017

28/332 VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action (Sukeban Games) Completed

The shift starts and before you are done selecting that night's music on the Jukebox you hear someone enter VA-11 Hall-A (know to most in Glitch City as Valhalla). "Time to mix drinks and change lives" you whisper to yourself and take your usual place behind the bar. A face you haven't seen before approaches the bar, orders a Suger Rush and before you know it you are once again connecting with this person and in some tiny way influencing their lives. This is VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action in a nut shell. What seems like small nothings turn into sweeping story changes without you even realising it.

Valhalla is a heavily story driven game about not just the player character Jill but also every other character that walks into the bar. Jill is happy enough in her life, she likes her job and she makes enough rent to get by but it always feels like something is missing. She has some of those spooky scary skeletons in her closet and they are just itching to escape. Over the course of the game, you get to know Jill and the other characters not only through dialogue but also the drinks they order. Each character has their own specific drink that they like to order and at certain points, in the game, they will ask you for the usual and you will have to get this for them. As an example one of the character's favourite drinks is called a Cobalt Velvet. If you get this drink for them when they tell you "the usual" you will get a special dialogue with that character.

Without making it specifically obvious Valhalla has small amounts of choice, so small that you wouldn't even notice them unless you were actively looking for them. Each time you serve a drink you are making a choice, a good choice or a bad choice. Severing the customer the correct drink is always a good choice but not always the right one. They may ask for a specific drink but serving them something else could be beneficial. Serve the right drink at the right time and get to know that character a little better.

Apart from getting to know characters and engrossing yourself in the story, you will spend most of your time in Valhalla serving drinks. To separate itself from the many other visual novels out there Valhalla has a drink mixing mechanic. Working in a bar this obviously makes sense and the game comes with plenty of drinks to mix. From Beer to Sugar Rush too many other drinks that might be real, Valhalla makes you feel like you are a cool bartender getting to know customers and serving drinks.

Valhalla is a great game that everyone should check out. This is a game that would benefit greatly from being on the Switch or a smart device because it is pretty significant. 16 hours of reading at your computer is a lot of time but every words and character are worth the investment. Please play Valhalla, it is very much worth visiting that weird little bar in Glitch City at least once.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Sorry Once Again, No Updates this Week

Once again work is crazy and I have zero time for anything. I am also going away at the end of the week. Apologies once again for no content but will try and get some stuff together for Friday. If not Friday it will be next Wednesday at the latest.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Sorry People No More Posts This Week

Hey People!

Sorry about this but I didn't prepare anything more for this week. Been crazy busy in work and haven't had any time to write anything. However, we should see the return of Tunes! next week and I have some plans for a breakdown of Hidden Object Games and a First Impressions on Matterfall, Titanfall 2 and lots of other games I have been playing recently.

Once again, super sorry but work has been insane.

Monday, 14 August 2017

27/313 Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride (Artifex Mundi) Completed

More HOGs! Yay!

This is the same as the other Grim Legends game but is more of a challenge. A challenge in that it doesn't really explain much. The problem comes from a lot of the moon logic found in the game. Moon logic is a term mostly associated with old point-and-click adventure games. It would be used when the solution to a puzzle would be so out of this world that solving it would be very difficult. An example of this can be found in Monkey Island 2 with you using a monkey to unlock a nut (as in a screwing nut, not an actual nut) from its source. It is a monkey and you are using it to unlock a nut... As in the money is a monkey wrench... Get it? Yeah, that is moon logic. Grim Legends has so much of it Lucas Arts and Sierra are thinking of getting Arifax-Mundi to work for them (Yes I know they are not really around anymore but I am making dumb jokes and that is the result).

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride follows the adventure of a sister going to her twin sisters wedding and then getting attacked by a bear. Shenanigans follow with the sister trying to save her sister from bears and demons and other evil things. Pretty standard stuff for a HOG style game.

Once again nothing to really report for this. The same stuff that has been seen in a large majority of HOG style games. Moving on!

Friday, 11 August 2017

26/313 Just Cause 2 (Avalanche Studios) Give Up!

Ok, people I really tried with this one, I really did! Look here is the proof!!!

See I really did try, I tried so hard and I wanted to finish the game but during my time playing Just Cause 2 it would crash every 5-30 minutes but I kept going, I was persevering and putting in my best effort and everything but there is only so many times I could take crashing to desktop! That is one big sentence!

Apart from the crashing, the game is only ok. It has the exact same problems as the first game; an insanely huge island that is a pain to get around and has nothing interesting to do. It has improved over the first game however by slightly embracing this chaos factor.

To unlock more story missions you need to cause chaos by blowing up certain buildings, towers and other such things to get the attention of the government... Or something. Honestly, I stopped paying attention after a while and I started skipping the same cutscene with different dialogue after about 5 hours.

The grappling hook is a cool mechanic but severely underused in every regard in each mission. Instead of having you use the grappling hook to pull down buildings or chain explosions together or a bunch of other stuff I wanted to do, you only use it to zip line around. It feels like they some what realised that the grappling hook was great in the first game but wanted to stay serious with the second game. From what I have heard, and I will soon see for myself, Just Cause 3 embraced the crazy and just became as insane sandbox with a grappling hook.

I might pick this up on PS3 at some point in the future but since I am going to go on and play the 3rd one right away I probably won't... Maybe... I don't know. Check it out on PS3 but the PC version is just busted.